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About MFS

Methodical Financial Services is a full-service accounting and tax firm that was founded in 2014 by Samira Engoian. With years of experience as a Tax accountant and working in various industries, MFS provides quality services to individuals and businesses alike. Arlen and Max joined the team in 2020, each with their own unique financial background. Arlen has a strong background in the restaurant and franchise industry, while Max specializes in pricing analysis. Together, they provide a wealth of knowledge and expertise that helps MFS stand out from the competition. Whether you need assistance filing your taxes or advice on growing your business, MFS is here to help. learn more about each of our backgrounds below.


Samira Sedehpour, E.A.


Samira has over 15 years of experience. She has worked both in Public and Private accounting sector and thus has a worked on both accounting & taxes on a wide variety of industries. When working in public accounting firms, she's prepared books and taxes for individuals and businesses from single founder startups to large corporations across a wide range of industries, including retail, high-net- worth individuals such as football, baseball players which require multi-state return preparation, real estate, personal care services, entertainment, tech, restaurants, e-commerce, law offices, commercial services, financial services, Trucking business, local super markets, doctor offices and many more.

She's worked as a controller for one of the largest auctions houses during that time she successfully automated their major accounting processes and was in charge of A/P and A/R of over $15 million dollars in sales.  She also worked on a team of tax accountant as a  senior tax accountant and tax planner for the starting owners of a public company. At a property management company, she travelled across the country to many locations and successfully built and implemented accounting systems for newly acquired apartment buildings.  

Her experience created a strong foundation for problem solving and overseeing the accounting department. she is passionate about helping small business owners not have to worry about their taxes or bookkeeping. As an Intuit QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor, Samira is known for delivering high-quality accounting and bookkeeping services to diverse groups of clients.

Outside of the office, Samira loves playing on her antique baby grand piano and taking care of her two girls. She is fluent in Farsi, German, and English.  She is a graduate of California State University of Northridge with a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance. And she is an Enrolled Agent with the IRS. For a detail of her resume please visit LinkedIn. 

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Maximilian Engoian
Pricing specialist, financial analyst, Automation specialist

Max is a financial analyst and consultant for automation and efficiency in informatoin systems. 

He has a background in accounting, tax, bookkeeping, and financial analsysis. He has worked for publicly traded companies and currently holds a full-time position as financial analyst and pricing specialist at with Meissner Filtrations. 

His specialty is reviewing processes and workflow procedures and to ensure that every possible step that can be automated is done so. He is hired on a project by project basis where he first collects information from staff at every branch or department of large corporations regarding their workflow and tasks they need to do on a daily basis and ensures he understand what each department needs from the other. After he uses either the system they are currently using, or ads simple software or excel files to ensure that all departments are as efficiently as possible and more importantly that they communicate with one another.


We love having him at MFS because there is always room for automation and better reporting opportunities for business owners. As well as ensuring business owners whether that's an online store such as amazon, or e-commerce stores such as shopify, are listing their prices at the most optimal point. 


He has a masters in business administration from CSUN  

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